Training Model.

All the principles and training tools used by trainers during trainings focus on the following:

      Reflecting Mirror: A reflecting mirror reflects oneself, so one can realize and accept the existing qualities. Consequently, one would be open to change oneselfthrough positive open-ended questions from Coach.
      Tour Guide: A tour guide tells stories, meanings and beneficial core knowledge for further applications.
      Expert: An expert creates learning process so learners realize the benefits of self-change and self-principles.
      Coach: A coach promotes thinking, communicating, searching, courage and changing through teaching.
      Story-Teller: A story teller tells stories to create new concepts and relevant contents for learners.

    The instructors are more than happy to address issues that learners have after the self-change course.Although learners have to reflect upon themselves in class, they would be delighted as they come up with solutions for their cases.

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