En-training (Enmark Solution Co.,Ltd.) is a people-development consulting firm specialized in training and group coaching. Established in year 2000, the company started the business in web development. Through our vision of people development along with our expertise in coaching, we expanded and transformed our business into training and group coaching. In addition to the improvements in work skills, expertise skills, and teamwork skills, self-improvement is a crucial factor in professional life. We strive to provide various fields of knowledge for anyone who looks to enhance their professional life.

Focus on Change Mindset after class.

En-Training has brought the curricula from a lot of experts to those who are interested in improving themselves. They can decide whether to attend the trainings themselves or have representatives attended the trainings. Also, our consulting team provides In-House trainings provided for special courses.

The expert team has a determined spirit to deliver 20 years of work experience to you for your maximum benefits.

Course designed for Self Development

We Belief An organization needs "human" to grow. Hence, any organization that wants to grow sustainably under rapid-changing environment must emphasize human and accept changes. Applying Coaching process in Training.

Enhance your staffs’ Performance
Enjoy the Working Life at Firm
Enlighten your mind for Happy Work

Strategic and Business Management Aspects

“Be an ultimate solution of human development experts focusing on change, self-improvement and continuous real-practice improvement that can respond to all the demands and satisfactions of the relevant parties within the clients’ organization through training service, consulting and executive coaching professionally.”

• Prioritize the clients’ requirements
• Develop training courses or programs that serve an organization’s functions in 7 areas.
      - Leadership
      - Coaching
      - Sales
      - Thinking
      - Management and Organization Development
      - General Soft-skill
      - Service
• Maintain the trustable image of a human development expertise as a consultant to HRD and OD of the clients’ organizations.
• Be the center of professional experts.
• Improve the teams towards professional providers.
• Build data and information networks for continuous customer relationship via websites, mailing list, Facebook and internet.
• Create downloadable beneficial sources of knowledge focusing on self-improvement for those who are interested in self-development.
• Operate working system, documents, training media on standard and professionally.

Core Value

P L E A S E is our core value which each character means

P Professional
Working professionally is performing tasks with quality, conscience,value awareness and discipling for every performance continuously.

L Leadership
It reflects achievements of tasks and received acceptance, credibility and reliability from colleagues and clients.

E Ethic
It covers honesty and responsibility to work successfully.

A Attitude
It conveys positive thinking towards negative events/situations and rapid dispel of negative feelings.

S Service
Mind It means self-responsibility, volunteering and self-sacrifice with genuine intention.

E Energy
It shows unlimited creativity and power to improve work quality and change the way of work without negative emotion.

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