Course or Program Design

Course designed for self-development
The training style of EnTraining Institute uses a process called Training & Group Coaching, because it is believed that ... “Blending of training and coaching will help participants combind new knowledge and existing knowledge/experience immediately."

Training and Group Coaching Process
M1 : Mirror : Reflect your ability (Knowledge, Skill, Attribute)
M2 : Mindset : Influence your intention to go with Growth Mindset
M3 : Methodology : Invite you to create your own solutions from the new knowledge or Instructor’s experiences
M4 : Move : Encourage you to take new action to achieve Goal /Target / Reseult

Training and Group Coaching Process

Course Components
With separating the course into 4 components, the customer can choose the most appropriate way to train their people.

Training and Group Coaching Process

We apply adult learning and coaching to each of the components. Adult learn best from comparing the knowledge to their experience and select which suitable for them to use in their works.

7 Course Categories

General Soft Skill
Management and Productivity
Sales and Marketing

Program Design

Start from the customer requirement which may be come from
Mission Vision Core Value and Strategic Goal of the organization
Training need survey
Idea from the top management

Instructor/Trainer Arrangement

Our instructors, coaches, and trainers have been trained and qualified from our various projhects before going to train the customer, using Training and Group Coaching Process Process (T&GC).
Our experienced instructors can provide many development methods for the customer can select.

Development Method

During training class, instructor will apply method to facilitate the learner to develop self awareness then create change with growth mindset then provide after class follow up in individual by 1:1 Coaching or Coaching and Consulting
"Training model designed to create change"
For group of people

Training and Group Coach (T&GC)
Using content to create self-awareness

Powerful Game Coach (PGC)
Having fun with learning through concepts-creating games activities.

Facilitative Team Coach (FTC)
Open a learning area together as a team


Brain Base Coaching (BBC)
Using neuroscience to create transformational change

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Using NLP technique to create new concepts

Think Activity Group Coach (TAGC)
Using roles (6Hat) create group learning.


Strategic Group Coach and Consult (SGC&C)
Workshop learning exchange with consulting

Brainstorming Group Coach(BGC)
Creating learning through brainstorming to genarate new Ideas.

For Individual

1:1 Executive Coaching
Coaching executives to realize themselves

Coaching and Consulting (C&C)
Counseling as a coach



Entraining provide a free of charge consulting for the learner to create change until they develop new behavior. We apply 70:20:10 Learning model

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