Program Development Consultant

A consulting service to help you design People Development Program in all level.

     Each organization is different in characteristic, business and necessity of people development. Experts, coaches and mentors at Entraining are willing to provide you a guidance to design unique people development programs which are suitable and applicable to your organization. We apply learning and business administration theories to systematically create people development plans with various learning styles, both in general group development program by "Competency" and in specific group development program by other programs.

Program Development Consultant Services are delivered in 8 manners:
• Training Roadmap              • Course by Tooling Program
• Blended Learning               • Program by Competency
• Cascade Program               • People Development by Internal Manager Program
• Specific Group Program     • Height Potential Group Development

Value Competency Solution Provider

A human resource development service

Our mission is to valuably deliver people development service focusing on encouraging learners to apply and practice what they have learnt by using 70:20:10 Model. We provide numerous self-development sciences in order to help our learners build up from the foundation of basic self-development and teaching techniques to the applying of their knowledge to develop their own team and creating development tools in their own styles. Entraining always expand and provide our service tools to match the organization policy in agreeable budget.

Value Competency Solution Provider Services are provided in 4 patterns:
• Training & Group Coaching             • 1:1 Coaching
• Group Coaching                               • Assessment Tools

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